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How do I get my Photos and Playlists from Classic?


Attention: We're moving photos over for all users. Learn more here


Here’s how to move your classic Myspace playlists to your new account. Before visiting your Settings page to make the transfer, make sure you read these bullet points for frequently asked questions.


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Each playlist you’ve created is brought over as a Mix. If you click on a Mix you can add or remove any songs, add photos and even videos. Learn more about Mixes here.


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How to get started

To start the transfer process you must have your two accounts linked. You will be asked to enter your Email and Password for your classic Myspace account. 


Once you’ve successfully entered your credentials, you’ll be prompted to start the transfer process. Just click ‘Transfer Photo Albums’ or ‘Transfer Playlists’ and we’ll handle the rest.


If you receive the message, “This old Myspace account is already connected to another Myspace account!” you must log out of your account and sign in with the email address and password used to access your classic Myspace profile.  At that point you can transfer your photos and playlists to that account.  


If you do not remember the password associated with your classic Myspace profile, select Forgot Password.


Still can’t access your account? Visit our Login Issues Guide


Mobile Users

If you are trying to transfer your photos using your phone, please visit


Before Selecting Transfer Keep in Mind

  • You can only do this once.
  • Your photos and playlists will be located under Mixes once transferred.

  • Depending on how many photos/playlists you have on your classic Myspace profile will determine how long the transfer will take. You’ll receive a notification as soon as your photos/playlists have been transferred.
  • If some of your photos didn’t transfer, they may not have met our requirements.
  • If you deleted your classic Myspace account already, we unfortunately cannot restore or transfer your photos or playlists.
  • Comments for photos will not transfer over
  • Please note that content that you choose to transfer will be governed by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the new Myspace, so please review them carefully prior to your decision to transfer your photos and playlists.

Are you still missing photos after the transfer?

Click here to learn more.