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How do I Find My Profile?

When you first create an account on Myspace you enter a username  that is unique to your profile. That is the best way to establish your profile presence and, if you already created a Classic Myspace profile, find your old profile.  Your UsernameName,  Profile Photo, and Cover Photo are the best ways to identify your presence on Myspace and confirm your identity when search for yourself on the site.



To search just start typing or select the magnifying glass in the global nav (bottom of the page). Search for your name, email or an alias if that’s what you prefer to use online. If you don’t see your account select See More to scroll through more profiles.





Check your URL

Once you locate your profile click on your name or image to be taken to your profile. There you will see within the web address bar Everything after the / is your username.


Accessing your Account

If you can't access your account or forgot the email and password check out our How do I get back into my account? guide.





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